Every Person has an Immortal Soul Do You really love those around you and care about their very essence – the most important part of them? Since most people care about their loved ones, their well-being and physical safety, do everything you can for their souls. Their souls will live forever. Pray and learn about […]

There are medical explanations of the point where death occurs, but the most important fact to know when death occurs is when the soul has left the body. When the soul departs from the body, the person is no longer alive at all, because it is the soul that gives life to the body. We […]

The Bible is the most historically trustworthy collection of documents from ancient history. People who are willing to dismiss the Bible as mythology, would have to do the same thing with all of ancient  books. Bibles came from Catholic tradition since Jesus did not give a directive to prepare a Bible, and the apostles and early […]