Some people do not know or believe that Catholics are Christians, but Catholics are indeed Christians and Catholics love Jesus and worship God-the three Persons of the Blessed Trinity:
the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.




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To All the Precious Priests Who Minister to Us

THANK YOU for donating your celibacy and chastity to God to be a spiritual father to all of us.

THANK YOU for showing us the importance of having a personal daily relationship with Jesus.

THANK YOU for urging us to strive for holiness in the every day circumstances of our lives.

THANK YOU for accepting us as we are, but not remaining content to leave us there.

THANK YOU for providing us the Sacraments and being with us for Baptism, Penance, first Eucharists, Confirmation (with or instead of the bishop), Marriage or Holy Orders (for some), and Annointing of the Sick.

THANK YOU especially for making it possible for us to have Holy Masses and the opportunity to often receive the true presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

THANK YOU for working hard to provide Catholic parishes and education, leading us in prayer, and encouraging us to be faithful to all the teachings of our Catholic faith.

THANK YOU for preaching and showing us your commitment to true peace and justice grounded in frequent prayer and self-sacrifice.

THANK YOU for giving us confidence that we can and must be pure in thought, word, and action in order to love God and our neighbor with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.

THANK YOU for your patience in hearing our confessions and advising us on how to do better.

THANK YOU for teaching us how essential it is to confess any serious sins and to work on eliminating minor attachments to sin.

THANK YOU for urging us on and helping us overcome negative habits that impede our relationship with the Blessed Trinity and those around us.

THANK YOU for gently challenging us to give more time and attention to our family and others around us in order to overcome our selfishness and not dwell on our own problems.

THANK YOU for encouraging us to give our lives and service to Jesus Christ every day so we can become more like Him in every way.

THANK YOU for teaching us about the Blessed Virgin Mary and her powerful intercession through the Rosary and the many feasts we celebrate in honor of her.

THANK YOU for sharing stories of the saints who inspire us and show us ways to attain holiness.

THANK YOU for your humility in teaching us that our merit in eternity will not depend on the greatness of our mission or the success of what God accomplishes through us, but instead on the work we do in our soul, the control of our ego, our growth in the virtues, our self-sacrifice, and the love that we give to other souls.

THANK YOU for the tireless donation of your life to serve us as a priest in persona Christi.


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