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Jesus Multiplied the Loaves and Fish

In recent years, there are some people who say the miracles of Jesus did not involve the multiplication of the loaves and fish, but instead motivated people to share food they had hidden in their belongings. This MYTH ABOUT JESUS is also a HUGE INJUSTICE TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE and it PROMOTES AN OLD PREJUDICE THAT THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE STINGY, when in fact they have a long history of being among the MOST CHARITABLE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

There is a direct connection between the actions of Jesus when He multiplied the loaves and when He gave the world His Body and Blood at the Last Supper. All six Gospel accounts of the two multiplications of the loaves include the SAME EXACT ACTIONS, which match the EXACT SAME ACTIONS OF JESUS at the Last Supper, which document how Jesus transformed the bread and wine into His own Body and Blood. Both times when He multiplied the loaves, He took them, blessed them, broke them, and gave them to His disciples.
(Mt.14:19, Mk.6:41, Lk. 9:16, Jn.6:11, Mt.15:36, Mk.8:6) At the Last Supper, Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to His disciples (Mt.26:26, Mk.14:22, Lk.22:19).

The greatest miracle of Jesus is His Resurrection.
(Mt.28, Mk.16, Lk.24, Jn.20)
He changed water into wine.
(See Jn.2:1) He healed lepers. (Mt.8:1, Lk.17:11)
He gave sight to the blind.
(Mt.9:27, 20:29, Mk.8:22, Jn.9:1)
He caused large catches of fish.
(Lk.5:1, Jn.21:6)
He commanded storms to be still.
(Mt. 8:23) He raised from the dead:
the widow’s son, the daughter of Jairus, and Lazarus.
(Lk.7:11, Mk.5:22, Jn.11:38) He multiplied loaves & fish for thousands of people. (Mt.14:13, 15:32)


All of us know people who can motivate others to share, but do we know anyone who can make things out of nothing, or make them multiply?

Rising from the dead, changing water into wine and
multiplying loaves and fish are proofs that Jesus could
transform bread and wine into His own true Body and Blood.

If it is not true that Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish,
then why should anyone believe what He says or that He is still with us?

The miracles of Jesus prove HIS DIVINITY -
- He has powers which no mere human has.
- He is truly present in the Holy Eucharist.


NOTE: In the 1900s, a Protestant theologian, Rudolph Bultmann (1884-1976), among others, developed and popularized the radical mis-interpretation of the miracles of the multiplications of the loaves and fish. Bultmann denied the reality of miracles as supernatural events, including the Resurrection of Jesus. Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R. has written: It is time to reject and reverse the influence of writers like Rudolf Bultmann, who dismantled the picture of Christ... (See: Who is Jesus Christ? by Eric Sammons, foreword by Fr. Groeschel, C.F.R., published by Our Sunday Visitor, 2010). In Jesus of Nazareth, vol. one, Pope Benedict XVI is very critical of the work of Bultmann.

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