Some people do not know or believe that Catholics are Christians, but Catholics are indeed Christians and Catholics love Jesus and worship the three Persons of the Blessed Trinity:
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Coming Events and Announcements Promoting FAITH & PRAYER

NOTE:  For maps to churches, go to:
Mar. 27, Apr. 17, May 29, 2015 (Friday evenings 5:30pm-9:15pm) DeWitt, MI Supercharge your Marriage with 3 Great Dates! They are all at St. Francis Retreat Center in DeWitt on Friday evenings and include dinner and materials. The retreat director is TONY SPERENDI who has helped 100's of couples experience new life in their marriages. Cost: $75 per couple. Contact the retreat Center to register at 517-669-8321 or see The dates and topics are:
-March 27- Communication: Great Tools for Your Marital Toolbox
-April 17- Commitment: Building an Intentional Marriage

-May 29- To Love & Honor: The Heart of Marriage
EWTN TV Schedule- See times for EWTN Catholic TV Programs at:-
May 29-31, 2015  (Fri. eve – Sun.lunch) Ann Arbor RENEWAL MINISTRIES ANNUAL GATHERING with RALPH MARTIN, SR. ANN SHIELDS, and PETER HERBECK at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI. INFO.: Kathleen Kittle at 734-662-1730, ext 132, or email
June 6, 2015 (Sat., 3 pm) Lansing, MI FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTIONS - EVERYONE IS INVITED to St. Mary Cathedral to pray the Rosary each First Sat. at 3pm (previously at 3:15pm), plus reflect on Mysteries of the Rosary for 15 mins. Confession available and Mass at 4pm fulfills the request for Mass and Communion on First Saturdays, according to EWTN Catholic TV. Christians have always honored the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturdays because of her constant faith in Jesus, especially when she encouraged the apostles on that first Holy Saturday before the Resurrection. Every Pope (since approval of Fatima in 1930) said that Fatima is a reaffirmation of the Gospel. During the apparitions at Fatima Portugal in 1917, Mary requested the 5 first Saturdays of Reparation to atone for the 5 ways in which people offend the Immaculate Heart of Mary. READ MORE HERE. (Enter south side door of cathedral to Eucharistic Chapel.) INFO.: Bettie Dotts: 517-887-2329.
May 29-31, 2015  (Fri. eve – Sun.lunch) Ann Arbor RENEWAL MINISTRIES ANNUAL GATHERING with RALPH MARTIN, SR. ANN SHIELDS, and PETER HERBECK at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI. INFO.: Kathleen Kittle at 734-662-1730, ext 132, or email
or see:
Sept. 22-27, 2015 - POPE FRANCIS VISIT TO U.S. - He will arrive in Washington D.C. and will address the U.S. Congress, then visit the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (planning to canonize Bl. Junipero Serra there), then addressing the U.N. in New York and visiting St. Patrick Cathedral, and then addressing the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia (Sept. 26-27) -SEE: PRAY AND FAST FOR ALL SYNOD ATTENDEES.
Oct. 16-18, 2015 (Fri-Sun.) Boyne Falls, MI  MIDWEST MARIAN CONFERENCE XXIV  at Boyne Mt. BISHOP STEVEN RAICA, FR. LARRY RICHARDS, FR. RICHARD HO LUNG (Missionaries of the Poor,, FR. BEN LEUDTKE, FR. JOSEPH ESPER, author of many books; SR. MARIA INVIOLATA, SMDG, Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace; SR. JOHN DOMINIC, O.P., Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist; BRIAN FLYNN, Award Winning International Catholic Recording Artist; KERI TARRANT, Director of Ministry & Outreach, Marian Center. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. INFO.: Marian Peace Center-Joy Valley, 2680 Maxwell Rd., Petoskey, MI 49770, Ph. 231-347-6279.
Nov. 8 to 17, 2015 - ROME PILGRIMAGE with FR. MARK RUTHERFORD of St. Mary Church, Williamston. Pilgrimage includes Rome, Assisi, Cascia, Orvieto & Nettuno, Italy. Those booking and paying a deposit fee by March 15 will receive a $100 discount. Please contact Deacon Steve with any questions:  ALL WELCOME. INFO.:

July 25–31, 2016 Krakow- WORLD YOUTH DAY 2016- Pope John Paul II founded the tradition of World Youth Day in 1986.  So, 2016 will be the 30th anniversary of WYD, and will take place in the diocese where St. John Paul II (Karol Wojtyła) was Archbishop before becoming pope. It will be the 13th International Celebration of WYD.  2016 will also mark the 1050th anniversary of Christianity in Poland - See official 2016 WYD website:


LISTEN TO 1510 AM and 93.3 FM AND SUPPORT GOOD SHEPHERD CATHOLIC RADIO SERVING Jackson-Lansing, and worldwide on the web. HELP SPREAD THE WORD - Starting Dec. 14, 2014, Good Shepherd Catholic Radio will begin broadcasting the Sunday Outreach Mass, at 12 noon and again at 7 PM. They also broadcast Catholic news of local, national, and international significance, and assist Diocese of Lansing, parish schools, and Catholic organizations. Your feedback, prayers, and donations are needed. Listen live on the radio or on their website 24 hours a day -GO TO: -As with all of their programming, please feel free to provide your feedback, email or phone 517 513 3340.
Diocese of Lansing 2015 Priest Assignments (as of 3/09/15)- Bishop Earl Boyea announced pastoral appointments effective July 1, 2015 unless otherwise noted. SEE:
Jubliee Year of Divine Mercy -Dec. 8, 2015-Nov. 20, 2016- This Holy Year will begin on this coming Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and will end on the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.... -READ MORE AT:
What are you doing for the Year of Consecrated Life? Here is what 60 different orders in Croatia are doing: Praising God from the Orders - From Laudato TV, Mar 10, 2015 -SEE SHORT VIDEO:  -SEE MORE FROM LAUDATO TV AT: 
Supreme Court gives hope to Little Sisters of the Poor in birth control case -Mar. 9, 2015- Baltimore Sun  -The Little Sisters of the Poor, an international order of Catholic nuns... is one of hundreds of groups fighting the requirement on religious grounds.... who say providing artificial birth control violates Catholic teaching.... The high court ruled in the Hobby Lobby case last year that corporate employers that have a strong religious objection may refuse to provide certain contraceptives.... On Monday, the Supreme Court vacated the 7th Circuit's decision in Notre Dame v. Burwell and said the university's request for a temporary exemption should be reconsidered in light of the Hobby Lobby decision.... READ MORE AT: 309-story.html
Court orders review of Notre Dame's case on contraceptive mandate - The Catholic Sun. 
Join Steve & Janet Ray For Amazing Pilgrimages in 2015 & 2016!  Great experience, most knowledgeable, dynamic, and very prayerful. Visit: Portugal, Spain & France, the Holy Land, St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise, Guadalupe and many more. INFO.:  Click here
Here are 13 episodes of the New Catholics Come Home series- Each episode features a 14 minute interview with an amazing testimony from a former atheist, agnostic, convert, or revert who came home after hearing or seeing a Catholics Come Home evangomercial TM on radio, TV or the web.  The other 14 minutes are teachings from Tom Peterson and Katie Warner on how to share and spread the faith in the New Evangelization:
HEAVENLY GRACE PRAYER GROUP ANNUAL MESSAGE to Heavenly Grace Prayer Group. This year, the message came again from Jesus through Carolyn Kwiecinski. On Oct. 24, 2014, about 100 persons gathered at Holy Spirit Parish in Brighton, Michigan, to pray the Rosary and hear an annual message from Heaven. HEAR THE FULL MESSAGE OF 10-24-2014 AT:
     NOTE: Three books of the messages to Carolyn are also available at the Marian Library at the University of Dayton, as follows: X  - All three books of the messages are available free of charge and may be obtained by contacting the Heavenly Grace Foundation - SEE: - The above books contain statements from local priests.
    Like all private revelations, there is no requirement that anyone believe these messages. Belief is optional. However, PLEASE consider the following quote from theologian Fr. Edward D. O'Connor in his book, I am Sending You Prophets: To cut off these graces until they have been officially approved by the Church is in effect to close oneself to them, because it is simply impossible for the Church to investigate them all; and the few that are investigated are seldom approved until long after they have taken place... Even the prophecies of Scripture were not, at the moment they were given, approved by religious authorities... when the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary, or the Lord to St. Paul on the way to Damascus, the recipients had to judge on the spot whether this was from God. If they had postponed their response until the hierarchy gave its imprimatur, the grace of these messages would have been lost.... Prophecy is a permanent gift to the Church.
33 DAYS TO MORNING GLORY - The Immaculate Heart of Mary leads us to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (by Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC) - Looking for a do-it-yourself retreat designed to set your heart on fire with love of God and neighbor and to inspire us to works of mercy in our families, parishes, and communities? Why not make (or renew) YOUR consecration to Jesus through Mary? Get ready in just 33 days!  Each day you can follow the four great Marian giants who will teach us the secrets of drawing closer to the Heart of Jesus through the Heart of Mary: St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and St. John Paul II. Organize a group and you can meet and share your insights within our group and then watch a 30-minute video from Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC. SEE:
Great interview with Lisa Ling about how impressed she was with the priests she interviewed in Fowler, Michigan - Lisa Ling of CNN talks with Gus Lloyd of The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM about the episode entitled Called to the Collar, which focused on the priesthood in America and particularly the small town of Fowler, MI. Some of those interviewed include: Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing, Fr. Dennis Howard, Fr. Todd Koenigsknecht, Fr. Gary Koenigsknecht, Fr. Mathias Thelen, and Seminarian Lee Koenigsknecht.. - LISTEN TO RADIO INTERVIEW OF LISA LING AT: he-day
CNN Featured Priestly Vocations from the Fowler, MI area in Diocese of Lansing. After the filming, the Director/Producer of Life with Lisa Ling (Heidi Burke) said: One thing that amazed me was the town’s remarkable beauty and unmovable faith. The people we met were so warm and welcoming, and we felt right at home with everyone, especially the twin’s family. They made sure each and every one of us experienced life on the dairy farm by getting a driving lesson on the biggest tractor I have ever seen, having the calves suck on our fingers as we fed them (yes, it was as gross as it sounds), feeding us delicious homemade meals such as hand churned ice cream and pizza with cheese – all fresh from the cows. It was a far cry from life in Brooklyn! READ MORE AT:
Scott Hahn Hospitalized, Undergoes Surgery for Five Hernias -Jan. 3, 2015- Dr. Scott Hahn, theologian, author and Catholic apologist, has undergone a successful surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where a skilled medical team used laparoscopic incisions to access and repair five hernias. Dr. Hahn posted a personal message on his Facebook page, updating his followers regarding his condition....(see link below). This is not the first medical crisis to beset Dr. Hahn.  He had a problem with diverticulitis in 2010, and his intestine ruptured in 2012, necessitating the removal of 18 inches of his small intestine. Please pray for Scott Hahn:  that the Lord will bless him with healing and will grant him good health for many years to come, so that he can continue his ministry of teaching, writing and evangelizing.... ry-for-five-hernias/
FREE Downloadable Audio Rosaries from the Rosary Army - Here’s a great way to help you pray the Rosary while walking, working, or on the go — LISTEN to the Rosary! Their website has links to listen to the Rosary directly, or you can download the file to your computer and save them to CDs or load them to your iPod or other MP3 player. The Rosary MP3s are available in English, English with Scriptural Passages, and Dutch.  No other languages are available. Rosary Army grants permission to make copies of these files onto CD and MP3 format only to give away as long as no modifications are made to the files, but none of Rosary Army’s audio, video, or other files are to be included in any mobile application or other distribution method. No funds are to be collected (including donations) for distribution of these files in CD or MP3 format. All files are Copyright (C) 2012 New Evangelizers, Inc. Please note, the audio Rosaries are only available for free download in MP3 format.  CDs and cassettes are not available from Rosary Army.  GET FREE ROSARY DOWNLOADS AT:

The Confessions of St. Augustine- One of the best translations of Augustine's Confessions by John K. Ryan - It is wonderful & life changing - READ THE RYAN TRANSLATION HERE:


DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE CATHOLIC BIBLICAL SCHOOL OF MICHIGAN? Each Fall, the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan (CBSM) launches new classes studying Scripture in Archdiocese of Detroit and Diocese of Lansing. Join them in a 4 year journey to discover God's love in Scripture. INFO.:


Do you want to be a non-conformist within our predominant culture? Be radical for Jesus Christ! Challenge all Catholics, young and old, to accept the grace of discipleship and to promote obedience to our faith. You are a temple of the Holy Spirit. Pray daily. Fast at least weekly. Love all, even enemies. Be a fool in the eyes of the world. Be sanctified. Be holy as Jesus Christ is holy. Pray daily.


EWTN has its own YouTube Channel - SEE Catholic TV shows anytime at:


FREE Podcasts of EWTN Shows Available- GO TO: CLICK ON: MP3, FOR PROGRAMS: Threshold of Hope with Fr. Mitch Pacwa; EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa; Sunday Night Live with Fr. Groeschel; Journey Home with Marcus Grodi; Mother Angelica Live Classics; Life on the Rock; The World Over with Raymond Arroyo; Bookmark with Doug Keck; Vatican Insider with Joan Lewis; Homilies from EWTN Daily Mass; LET US LEARN THE CATHOLIC FAITH SO WE CAN BE TEACHERS OF THE FAITH BY WORD AND DEED.

SUNDAYS - 8 pm - SUNG COMPLINE - NIGHT PRAYER (Extraordinary Form) at Resurrection Parish in Lansing: 1531 E. Michigan - Great way to end the Lord's Day with beautiful chanted prayerful music.

Also, Mon. through Fri. - 3 pm, Divine Mercy Chaplet in church - ALL WELCOME. NOTE: Mass on Sunday eve is at 5:30 pm now.



EVERY FRIDAY - 9am - 9pm - EUCHARISTIC ADORATION WITH EXPOSITION at CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION - 1531 E. Mich. Ave., Lansing. Prayers in Common & Benediction after 8:30pm.

EVERY DAY - EUCHARISTIC ADORATION WITH EXPOSITION 24 HRS/DAY at HOLY SPIRIT ORATORY on grounds of IHM CHURCH, 3815 S. Cedar, Lansing -All welcome. Most beautiful chapel with individual kneelers. Door is always locked but visitors can get access with help of IHM office from 8am to 5pm Adorers pray 24 hours/day. Sign up for hour time slot so someone is there 24 hours/day. Info.: Jack (517) 668-8113 or  - Jesus is actively and dynamically present in Eucharistic Adoration just as He is actively and dynamically present in His Glorified Body and Blood at Mass. He is the exact same Jesus and is alive and wants to live in you and have a personal relationship with you every moment of every day. He only wants what is best for you. 


Pray Divine Mercy Chaplet daily. Here is a beautiful free video at:
Pt. 1 -

Pt. 2 -

Pt. 3 - - Includes moving explanation from lady singing in video.
Latin Masses in Lansing (EXTRAORDINARY FORM OF LATIN RITE) to be held each Sunday at 10 am, and Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Wednesdays at 8:00 am in Crypt of St. Mary Cathedral, 219 Seymour.  ADDRESS: Bl. John XXIII Community, 219 Seymour, Lansing, MI 48933, PH.  517-589-8211, e-mail: - INFO.: WEBSITE OF FR. JEFFREY ROBIDEAU AT:
Catholics Come Home is ready to help you begin or continue your faith journey, so you can find true peace, happiness and purpose in life - SEE SHORT VIDEOS AT:

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, DO A SEARCH ON THE INTERNET FOR A LOCAL CATHOLIC CHURCH - CALL OR WRITE THEM E-MAIL - Or contact: COMING HOME NETWORK which works with those being drawn to conversion, particularly clergy, who sacrifice much in pursuit of truth. ADDRESS: The Coming Home Network, P.O. Box 8290, Zanesville, OH 43702. Phone(800) 664-5110, (740) 450-1175, E-mail:, Website:


Recommended philosophy books from Peter Kreeft- For a teach-yourself philosophy course or for philosophy teachers for an introductory course in philosophy. Included is a primary list to start with and secondary list for more advancement -

Prepared and distributed by the Marian Peace Center of Lansing

P.O. Box 10098, Lansing, MI 48901- Following Jesus Christ, Honoring His Mother, Mary.


John Beutler, PO Box 10097, Lansing, MI 48901-0097 - Website: Catholics Love Jesus - See:


NOTICE: The reported Medjugorje apparitions have been under Vatican authority. Their authenticity is not to be assumed. We will strictly adhere to any Vatican rulings on Medjugorje and pray that others will do likewise.

To fall in love with God is the greatest of romances, to seek Him the greatest adventure, to find Him the greatest human achievement. - St. Augustin


  1. Children who previously had only attended weekly Mass, discover that the Host is actually the person of Jesus, mysteriously hidden.

  2. They develop a greater interest in the mysteries of our Faith and the liturgy of the Mass.

  3. They understand—more than other children of their age who have not experienced Eucharistic Adoration—the relationship between the gift of the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross out of love for every person.

  4. They become much more aware of the various degrees of sin and seem very eager to receive the sacrament of Penance often.

  5. Families accompanying their children witness a growing desire for peace and forgiveness within the family. They become wonderful signs of hope for those who despair in finding God on earth.

Mark your calendars for next  annual Holy Hour - INFO.:

JASON & CRYSTALINA EVERT: HUGE DISCOUNTS FOR CHASTITY PROJECTS IN SCHOOLS & CHURCHES – MANY at 90% OFF They have authored dozens of chastity books, CDs, and DVDs – Now thanks to the providence of God and the generosity of benefactors, Jason and Crystalina purchased rights to many of their resources, plus other items. They invite young people to play a pivotal role in the new evangelization, and to launch chastity projects within their schools and churches to promote the good news of purity to their peers. Through low-cost resource distribution, media appearances, seminars, and social media, Chastity Project exists to promote the virtue of chastity so that individuals can see God, and be free to love (Matt. 5:8). SEE:
Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves
by Jason Evert - Discover the five greatest loves of Saint John Paul II, through remarkable unpublished stories about him from bishops, priests, his students, Swiss Guards, and others. - $2 in Bulk (paperback)
- What’s So Great About Being Catholic? by Jason Evert - There’s ultimately only one reason to be Catholic: because it’s true. Discover the beauty and the treasures of the faith, as revealed through her saints and sacraments. Now Ten for $20.
- Pure Fatherhood
by Devin Schadt - Want to become the father you were created to be? Learn from St. Joseph how to become a father on earth like the Father in heaven. Now ten for $20.
- Love or Lust? by Jason and Crystalina Evert - Why save sex for marriage? Scare tactics, guilt trips, and teen pregnancy rates don’t inspire anyone to love. Discover the difference between love and lust while getting straight answers about dating, relationships, and sexual purity. Now ten for $20.
- How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul by Jason and Crystalina Evert - While navigating through the dating scene, every woman begins to wonder: How do I know when a guy really loves me? Am I being too picky? Do I even deserve love? Is my relationship worth keeping? Is love worth the risk? Are any decent guys left? Single women often feel left alone to find answers… - $2 in Bulk
- Pure Faith by Jason Evert - Authentic prayer begins when we realize that we do not know how to pray. But what do we do after this realization? Pure Faith is a hardcover devotional written to help people deepen their interior life so that they can encounter God on a daily basis - $2 in bulk.
- If You Really Loved Me by Jason Evert - Teens and young adults need straight answers to tough questions about dating, relationships, and sexual purity. With more than 300 pages of answers that include well over 1000 references and studies - $2 in bulk.
- Raising Pure Teens by Jason Evert & Chris Stefanick - Have a hard time connecting with your teenager about chastity? With the pornification of everything from adolescent fashions to primetime television, young people need more guidance today than ever before. As your children’s primary educators, it is your right and duty to make sure your children are forearmed and forewarned when it comes to dealing with sexual temptations - $2 in bulk.
- How to Save Your Marriage – Before Meeting Your Spouse by Jason Evert - Can you divorce-proof a marriage before it begins? Marriage preparation doesn’t start with the engagement. To build the foundation for lasting love, learn what to do before saying - I do. Now ten for $20.


Prophecies in Vols. 5 and 8 from Messages given to Anne, a Lay Apostle Direction for Our Times as Given to Anne, a lay apostle. Her bishop, gave Anne permission in 2013 to publish her final volumes - 5 & 8, after he prayed much and delayed their publication for about 9 years. Many people are surprised that these books contain so many details about the future, about heaven, possible chastisements, and a period of physical darkness. The messages from Jesus and the saints also give much hope and encouragement. Volumes 5 and 8 by Anne have a great potential to bring about many spiritual healings and reconciliations. Because of the overwhelming presence of sin and rebellion against God in the world, many people are losing hope about the future. For these reasons, Jesus is intervening and asking for our help.

- - - - - May 28, 2004 - JESUS SAID: You have been redeemed and have a right to your inheritance in heaven. Do not abdicate this right for the sake of sin. Sin holds nothing for you. When you peer into darkness, you will see nothing, because there is nothing there. When you peer into the heavens, a glorious vista will open up before you. All eternity is not long enough to explore and enjoy what you will find in the heavenly Kingdom. (Vol. 5, p. 79)

- - - - - Anne has the continuing support of her bishop, Bishop Leo O’Reilly of the Diocese of Kilmore in Ireland; theologian Mark Miravalle, a professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, specializing in Mariology, who has praised the messages of Anne, spoken at conferences about them, and defended Anne from criticisms; Mary Sue Eck, editor and publisher of Medjugorje Magazine; and Catholic Theologian, Ronald L. Conte Jr. The publications by Anne also carry a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. The paperback volumes by Anne are available directly from Direction for Our Times on-line at: - Or call (708)496-930. Anne’s books are available free to read on-line or download to you computer or other device at:
-Vol. 5 -
-Vol. 8 -
-All of Anne's books are available free on-line at:

IF YOU ARE TRAVELING, YOU CAN LOCATE EUCHARISTIC ADORATION ANYWHERE IN U.S.: To locate an adoration site nearest you, click a state on map or on one of links provided, then search by city at:
NOTE: In order to promote the Catholic faith, please feel free to post these events on your websites or facebook or include them on your printed materials for the widest possible distribution and Catholic evangelization. THANKS!


SHOCKED AND AWED:  This is how many people will feel when they enter into eternity and find out that Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings, was really present in the Holy Eucharist and at every Catholic Mass, for the entire time they were on earth.

     The presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is not temporary; It does not end when the Mass ends. Jesus remains in the Holy Eucharist (and in each particle) and for this reason, Jesus is reserved in each tabernacle in Catholic churches.

     This is why many people experience a special presence of God when they enter a Catholic church. You can love and adore Jesus there in a profound way, unlike any other place in the world. Adoration of the Holy Eucharist prolongs and intensifies what has taken place at each Mass. (Read/reflect on: John 6:51-58)

     Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s House? (Lk. 3:49) Could you not watch with Me one hour? (Mt. 26:40) Come, let us adore Him, speak to Him, pour our hearts out to Him. Then pray: Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.-
      God tells each of us: For I know well the plans I have in mind for you... plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope. When you call me, and come and pray to me, I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart, I will let you find me... (Jer 29:11-14)


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