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Some people do not know or believe that Catholics are Christians, but Catholics are indeed Christians and Catholics love Jesus and worship God-the three Persons of the Blessed Trinity:
the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.




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An Intimate Prayer to Mary

Dear Mother, we thank God for creating you and for giving you to us as our heavenly mother. We humbly ask you to be our mother and to lead us into the depths of the Blessed Trinity. We ask you to look upon us as your little children who want your help in understanding and living our faith in Jesus Christ. We beg you to remove any hesitation in truly seeing you as our mother.

Help us to know that we can come to you with any problem and you will console us, that you delight in being close to us in our joys and sorrows. We know that you desire that we draw nearer to Jesus and we ask you to help us do this. Teach us to love God with all our hearts. Obtain for us the healing we need in our lives. Mold us into the persons God intends us to become. We are so weak while Jesus is so strong. We are so sinful while you are full of grace. Pray for us, our mother. Please intercede for us before the throne of God.

We are sorry we have not honored you more in our lives. Our Father in heaven bestowed upon you so many blessings and granted you the wondrous privilege of being the mother of His Son. Be our mother. Let us learn from you. Help us to see you as a truly humble servant of God. May we always say "Yes, Lord" as you did.

Sometimes, we close our eyes and think of you. We try to know you as our mother, to know how gentle and yet courageous you were throughout your life on earth. We imagine how nice it would be to lay our heads on your shoulder; to look into your eyes and gentle face. We imagine the calming touch of your hands and your soothing voice. Help us to call upon you every day, in all kinds of situations. Especially during temptations, please take our hands and help us pray to overcome them. We know you will help us to live in the presence of God.

Sometimes, when we sit very still in the peace and quiet of the night, we smile. We feel you near us. In those moments, dear mother, please wrap your arms around us. Whisper to us "Itís okay, your mother is here. I am always with you." We hear your whisper in our hearts.

Dear Mother, we thank you for loving us so much. We love you and we love your Son, Jesus, who is the center of our lives. Amen!


Grace Preserved the Blessed Virgin Mary
 and Grace Helps Us Overcome Sin

Christ, the perfect mediator, exercised the highest act of mediation precisely in Mary by preserving her from original sin. Mary was redeemed in an even more wonderful way, not by being freed from sin, but by being preserved from sin.... This dimension of preservation, which in Mary is total, is present in the redemptive intervention by which Christ, in freeing man from sin, also gives him the grace and strength to conquer its influence in his life.       - Pope John Paul II, Theotokos, Woman, Mother, Disciple, vol. 5, 2000


Why do Catholics Ask the Saints to Intercede for Us?

It is wonderful to go directly to Jesus when we pray. But we can also ask the Saints to storm Godís Throne with their perfect prayers of love and praise. We live and believe in the Communion of Saints. We know we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses (Heb. 12:1). Saints have constant union with God and He allows them to know our situations. They love to pray with us and for us. We know we can pray directly to God, but we can also ask the help of the saints, just as we ask people on earth to pray for us.

Catholics honor the Blessed Virgin Mary because she is first among the saints. Mary was the first disciple of Jesus. She gave God her complete cooperation with her blind obedience and humility. We open up ourselves and others to many graces when we imitate her. We know and accept that Mary is the Mother of God, because Jesus is God. Knowing and accepting this reminds us that Jesus is fully human and fully divine.

At the foot of the cross, Jesus gave Mary as a mother to all of us in the person of John. Jesus said to Mary: Woman, behold your son. JOHNíS OWN MOTHER WAS THERE TOO, and yet Jesus gave His mother to John saying: Behold your mother. (Jn.19:26-27) Also, since all people are children of God, and Mary is the Mother of God, then Mary is the spiritual Mother of all people. Jesus loves when we honor His Mother Ė Mary Ė Godís Greatest Handiwork.

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